Our Approach

12-Step Meetings

The 12-step philosophy is a community effort of recovery that has helped millions of people. The process takes time and is a big commitment but is life transforming. Along the way:

  • You realize that recovery is possible.
  • You learn other people’s recovery techniques.
  • You won’t be judged.
  • You’re reminded of the consequences of using.
  • You have a safe place to go.* 

Meetings at New Life

Based on the guiding principles of a 12-step program, New Life’s 12-step meetings are a proven course of action for helping clients take steps toward tackling problems with substance abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and compulsion … and ultimately ending their addictions for life. Our in-house meetings are led by counselors and alumni and are intended for active clients only. The purpose is to teach clients the importance of engaging in the community-based 12-step programs. These meetings are an integral part of continued recovery through a sober network.

Addiction is an isolating disease. By belonging to a “group” of people who are working toward sobriety, clients feel stronger and become motivated to make necessary changes. Through New Life’s 12-step meetings, we teach and encourage clients how to alter their behaviors, develop sober networks, and adjust the way they currently think and live.

Outside Meetings

Because of the effectiveness of the 12-step program, New Life requires outside 12-step meeting attendance of all clients in our Intensive Outpatient Program and Continuum of Care. The meetings are free, universally accessible in almost every community, and available to the addict as well as to family members.

Some of the outside meetings that we recommend are AA, NA, CDA, Smart Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery. By attending these meetings and working through the 12-step program, clients not only learn how to maintain their sobriety, they find out how to live a more purposeful life. They learn how to give their lives order, how to respect themselves, and ultimately how to take responsibility for their lives. The 12-step process gives clients a chance to love themselves again.

*List adapted from www.addictionsandrecovery.org.

I’ve been through several IOPs, and this one seems to deal with addiction much better than others.

R.B.D. 11/12/2009