Proven Pathways. Customized for You. This is Our Addiction Treatment Approach.

Through the Intensive Outpatient Program, New Life transitions clients from crisis to stabilization, providing a full complement of addiction treatment and mental health support services. Our addiction treatment program is based on a medical model where addiction is considered a disease and can be treated as long as there is total abstinence.

New Life offers a safe and confidential atmosphere that promotes total abstinence and assists clients in developing a healthy and sober lifestyle. Clients’ needs are quickly assessed, and appropriate on-site psychiatric care, including medication if needed, is provided.

Our proven, yet personalized, approach includes:

Why an outpatient program?

New Life’s Intensive Outpatient Program permits clients to remain in the community while still receiving treatment. It is especially effective for individuals who have:

  • Moderate to severe alcohol and/or drug dependence.
  • Preference for a less-restrictive treatment experience, permitting continued employment and/or scholastic, family, and community involvement.

Family members and significant others who are in need of support can attend the New Life Family & Friends Support Group.

Family Recovery

Regain Peace of Mind.

Fear, anxiety, and desperation are part of daily life when your loved one is dealing with alcohol abuse, drug abuse and/or mental health issues. You are not alone; we are here to help.

Learn more about our Family & Friends Support Group.