Assessment, Evaluation & Placement Recommendations

To ensure an appropriate level of care and tailor a proper treatment program, New Life screens each prospective client (or referring agency) by phone to understand the issues at hand and determine the need for assessment. (If New Life is not the recommended path for the client, we will make alternate recommendations.)

Next, the client schedules an appointment for a thorough assessment – a meeting with an experienced New Life intake counselor – to determine treatment recommendations. Use of bio-psycho-social assessment and evaluation tools, such as ASAM placement criteria and DSM-V diagnostic impressions, constitute the core of each assessment. This meeting typically lasts 1½ hours. 

Some clients may require a psychiatric evaluation or a medical evaluation for detox.

Based on the assessment, a New Life counselor recommends the appropriate level of treatment. The client is placed in Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy or Traditional Outpatient Group Therapy. Dual-diagnosed clients will be placed in treatment if the primary diagnosis is the substance-related disorder. If needed, a psychiatric evaluation will be scheduled with a New Life physician or nurse practitioner.