Women’s Group

New Life offers intensive outpatient groups especially designed to provide women with a safe and confidential atmosphere for addressing past and present traumatic/abuse situations. Women are different from men in physiology, cognition, emotions, social development, communication patterns, roles, socialization, risks, and resiliency, and these differences greatly impact their prevention, treatment, and recovery needs. With that, our culturally sensitive, trauma-informed Women’s Group is based on safety, respect, and dignity … and is essential to a woman’s wellness and complete recovery.

Trauma and Treatment

Trauma experiences – including intimate partner violence, rape/sexual abuse, and childhood abuse and/or neglect – are risk factors for mental health, substance abuse, and other health problems. Knowledge of the possible risk factors and their consequences is critical in preventing and treating mental health and substance use disorders among women, who are more vulnerable to violence and trauma.

Stigmas and Stereotypes

Women with mental health and substance use disorders are more stigmatized and stereotyped, and they may be at greater risk of being blamed or judged because of their disorders. In addition, they may face negative sexual stereotypes or criticism of their parenting ability. New Life’s Women’s Group addresses the impact of stigmas and stereotypes on recovery for women, as well as the skills and attitudes required to address these challenges.


Finally, substance use disorders affect the entire family. Since parenting and caregiving are key roles for many women, New Life addresses the needs of women’s interactions with their children. Stress management, relapse prevention, and the management of post-acute withdrawal symptoms are a must.